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Emerging myths that are commonly associated with web designing

This is the age of the internet, and something that is a hit on the web becomes popular among people. To make sure that your concern or company becomes popular you will need things such as SEO and social media advertising and design your interest’s website. With the advent of internet everything around has changed drastically.The world has come in the comfort of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It seems people are more connected to each other through the virtual world than in person.

Content is vital: There is no doubt that content is the most important thing on the World Wide Web. However, in recent times there is a newer trend in the form of pictures. Photos can depict a million things as opposed to words. Moreover, images can be supported by animations as well as sounds that look more attractive than words. Hence, it is more advisable to utilize content that is rich in pictures and images. On the flip side, images can also be customized by sounds that look more appealing when used in a website.


Using excessive graphics in designing a website: Graphics are employed on a site to make them look attractive and appealing. Graphics are often described as moving pictures that can enhance the look of a site. Although many web experts advise the use of graphics in websites, too much use of them makes the page heavy. As a result, web pages with heavy graphics take a considerable amount of time to load. Furthermore, use of too many graphics looks monotonous in the eye of visitors. Hence, graphics should be used wisely so that the visitors like the web page.

Using generic stock images: Many expert web designers are of the opinion that generic stock photos should not be used in designing a website. Hence, it is more advisable to use the real and actual pictures. If an actual photo is used, then chances would be higher that a site would look more beautiful and appealing. On the flip side, all stock photos are not bad. Lots of authentication depends on their wise, full selection. So, avoiding generic photos should be prevented.

Web Designing is an easy task: It is regarded as one of the most harmful misconceptions in the world of web design. A lot of hard work is required in the process of creating a beautiful website. Every set of control on a site requires a lot of coding. Hence, it takes the hour of coding to create a website to make them look appealing to the visitors. It takes a lot of talent as well as skill to create a site. On the flip side, many web expert are of the view that the simplest web designs require the most complicated techniques to create.


Involvement of everyone in the designing process: It is less important to involve everyone in the every meeting that includes a web design process. Hence, brainstorming sessions should be included in the course of creating a website. By knowing the members who can contribute wholesomely to the process, a website can be designed in an appealing way.

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